I Want Ma Gun Now!

There are about 13,000 applications for the purchase of new guns waiting to be approved here in Colorado and this is just one market.

There is a wait time and the CBI is asking the state legislature for 500K so people don't have to wait as long for their new assault weapons.

Give me a break.

As of 7 p.m., Saturday, CBI listed 12,797 checks in queue with a wait time of seven days. CBI listed 1,643 checks as processed on Saturday. The CBI has asked lawmakers for $500,000 to help handle the backlog.


  1. How bout if they pay for their own checks???...and insurance in case the kill/maim someone, or have an "accident" ...and fees in case they lose their guns to theft. ...and fees for extra security at schools, malls, churches, theaters. ...and gee I could think of all sorts of fees that could be added on (to make this a safer country, of course!) Cast is off, but the hand is very stiff and sore.

  2. Maybe we could erase the debt and save our Social Programs on the back of a Gun Tax .... sayyyy .... 10 Grand for hand guns, 20 Grand for assault weapons, and let's not forget ammo ... how 'bout 5 bucks a bullet?

  3. That makes sense of course but what is sensical in this country these days.

    It's better though and your hand will shape up quickly I think. Good!

  4. I find the current feeding frenzy for guns (mostly assault) very telling. Merica wants this shit bad! I've got no problem with gun lovers footing much of the bill for the carnage that comes with it.

    I also understand very few changes will be made.

  5. Your color is good! Monday is about here!


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