It Plays In Utah And The Rest Of The Red States

What a piece of work this guy is whining and crying that politicians should not be denied being able to become lobbyists for two years after leaving office.

Why?? Well because former senator Bobby(I am me and you are not so I should be treated differently) Bennett says this and other dumb ass crap.

Bennett said pro athletes can retire and immediately become commentators and coaches. He said U.S. attorneys can leave their jobs and join a firm defending people against prosecutors they used to work with. He said politicians should be able to become lobbyists immediately upon leaving office.

You senile old bastard. Just stay in Utah and bounce your inbred numerous grandbrats on your bony ass knee and we'd all be better served! This is not news.


  1. This old suck-egg mule just wants to exercise his constitutional right to cash in.

  2. Love your header!!


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