Mississippi River Update

It's not looking good and barges are and have been running at 50% capacity.


  1. The river's down. Next year it could be up and flooding everything. That's the way it goes with rivers. I live right next to one, and it's always a concern, but you just take what you get and hope it's better next year. In California the politicians are always trying to come up with new ways to sidetrack everyone else's water for the pustule that is Los Angeles. It's always something.

  2. Over here, we are starting to get worried as the eastern slope (called Denver) has made HUGE talks about siphoning our water for their use. I don't know how they could do it, but I'm sure they have a way!

    Farming is always last on the 'concern' list.


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  3. The old timers in Kansas are likening the conditions now to the Dust Bowl era for what ever that's worth. It's very dry and once again like the other video put up here when they talk about releasing more from the Missouri drainage the ones who know explain very dramatically why they won't and the reasons are dire.

    Any water people or others who know more than I all say they will eventually get it. They want the Yampa's water and what's in the San Luis Valley. There is a huge water scam going on two miles to the south of here. There is little water around here . We have like a 18-20' hand dug well that has produced for many years and waters many cattle as well. Not enough to irrigate of course but we are lucky.