The Goosinator A Hell Of A Good Idea

Gooses never used to stick around in Denver and the front range and it used to snow as well. Both have changed and with the amount of parks there are and many more golf courses as well it has become goose haven year round. And it has been and still is a huge negative.

City fathers stay away from this for the most part because of the bitchers and golf courses battles these birds in their own ways that work for them and at times can get away with.

I like this idea a bunch and just the thought of not having to deal with massive amounts of goose crap in some areas whether you're with the family,golfing,trying to mow goose droppings or what have you is a huge positive.

Ya mon!

But Denver Parks and Recreation managers' faces lit up when the Goosinator, a roaring, orange robot predator with crazed yellow eyes, chased the birds from City Park on Thursday.

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