The Pentagon Is In Charge

When there is an entity as large as the Pentagon with vast resources and limitless funds PLUS all the BIG guns who can apparently do this and just about whatever else they want with no oversight or discussion - - - - then they are in charge.

Just like the oceans level rising so is the pile we all stand in.

The Pentagon has embarked on an ambitious plan to establish an overseas espionage network which is expected to incorporate a colossal structure of operatives as big as the CIA, a report says. 

Another one -

Unlike the CIA, the Pentagon’s spy agency is not authorized to conduct covert operations that go beyond intelligence gathering, such as drone strikes, political sabotage or arming militants.

"Not authorized"?? Bull shit. They'll do whatever the hell they want.


  1. I just found by accident this video clip of Wesley Clark speaking to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in 2007.


    In it he states that there has been a policy coup by a group of people (from PNAC) who have taken over our foreign policy with the intent to overthrow governments. It would seem that some of those people, or their minions, are still pulling the strings. We have become the evil empire.

    And by the way, you are right about why my first attempt to comment yesterday failed. Now I know!

    1. The Neocons never left.
      They just changed suits and put a different letter [R to D] on their lapel. Here is the site for everything you ever wanted to now about the Neocons. http://rightweb.irc-online.org/
      Their latest update is on William Kristol.
      Their idea of manifest destiny has always been there.
      They have just taken it to a new level.
      How many of our soldiers have to die in order for us to realize that the "WAR ON TERROR" was manufactured by these war mongering psychopaths

    2. I do believe it's fair and accurate to say this about our War machine.

      Ya - these slugs don't ever go away.

  2. Clark told the truth and it's what I have believed forever. This whole terrible building full of chesters pull most of the strings. Through the contractors of course.I hate like hell to have such a negative message much of the time.

    This capcha shit is a huge negative. There are a couple alternatives but they seem to be a bigger pain in the ass. You don't have to make it so damn hard.

  3. Surely they wouldn't say they were not authorised if that wasn't true (cough).

    1. Careful - don't go hurting yourself.