And For What??

Five US troops killed in helicopter crash, officials say

There are no voices in DC that demand we leave now.

No voices in DC that say these troops died for nothing.

Few voices anywhere that scream no more and those screams go unheard.


  1. Very good article. Congratulations.thanks for that great info

  2. My family had one when I was very little.

    May have been the first family car.

    It was BIG!

    Love ya,


  3. It's a shame that such a beautiful car should sit next to a reasonable description of the work of the war pigs. Incidentally did the mission ever get accomplished in Iraq? Afghanistan? Any fucking where?

  4. My father had a '59 DeSoto back in the day. It was as big as an aircraft carrier.

  5. I guess it did Tony as the good 'ol USA is planning more. It sucks.

    I guess I hang out with Desoto people here on the internets. I would guess this is an early to middle 50's model here and it looks very similar to Chevy's of that time.

  6. We waste our young in foreign misadventures and here at home. I suppose it's a consistent policy, but there's nothing else good about it.

  7. Consistently flawed for damn sure!