Let's Never Forget Who The Real Bastards Are

Merika forgets so easily but actually they didn't get much of a chance at it because after all they hate us for what we have and we care nothing about what the powerful do here ya see. So we got ourselves another Bin Laden type. A brother-in-law we brought to the States who will be made to pay harshly I'm sure.

So the Way Back Machine goes to the morning of 911 in Washington DC where Daddy bush himself -

on the morning of the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- George Herbert Bush met with Osama bin Ladin’s own brother at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C.

The long association of this evil family with the Bin Ladens was then and continues now to be written out of the history books. 

And never forget either that the next day when not a private or commercial plane was allowed to fly in this country except for those that gathered the over 100 Bin Laden's that were in the country and flew them home over there to the place that was hated with all hate this country was mustering up at the time.

Nobody gave a shit then and they give less of a shit now.


  1. So, I love the translation button. I changed it to German, will the comment show in German. Lets see.

    1. It did everything but the Lets see was still in english. As best I can speak German, it looks correct.

    2. A friend here did it in Spanish and said it wasn't so good.

  2. OMG!!! I love your header!!! That is toooo cool...

  3. Maybe the trial of bin Laden's son-in-law will provide opportunities to re-visit the Bush/House of Saud connection.

  4. I think History will re-assess Dubya's legacy. And decide that he was even more dumb than his contemporaries thought.

  5. TMoon there is a video of this coming. I enjoyed seeing this. Thanks!!

    Not allowed Fearguth. We're keep an eye on you for that one.

    Tony I think most are too dumb themselves to be able to comprehend the depth of W's stupidity but I also hpe you are very correct as well.

  6. So, who are the real bastards?