Something Not To Be Proud Of

Even though Colorado is one of the "Happy States" this statistic reported today is depressing as it gets.

Colorado has the second fastest growing rate of child poverty in the nation, according a Kids Count Colorado, an annual report from Colorado Children's Campaign.

Not only that just up the road in Pueblo -

Pueblo and Denver counties had the highest rate of child poverty. Pueblo's average rate for 2011 was 27.3 percent and Denver's was 26.2 percent. Douglas County continues to have the lowest child poverty rate, averaging 5.2 percent.

 I spend a fair amount of time in Pueblo and yes there are quite a few less fortunate who live there for sure. This hurts and as a country we can do better but it we do better for the 1% than we do for "we the people".


  1. Love the header! Just wondering...why do they separate the children from adults??? Wouldn't it be just families??? just wondering...

  2. I'm not sure TMoon but could it be children are more vulnerable.

  3. Actually, I think children might be less affected by poverty than adults, and especially less affected than teenagers. I'm being a little silly here, but think about it. What do little kids eat? If you give them expensive, nutritious food, they'll often pass it up for peanut butter on white bread. You can dress them (as I did) in Thrift Store clothing until they start school. They ruin everything they wear when they're little anyway. And they're better off without expensive toys, they can make their own. The really rich parents I know buy their kids handmade wooden toys. As long as they have peanut butter and stay warm, most little kids are happy. That changes when they hit puberty. There isn't enough money in the world to satisfy a child at that stage, though, so in a way all of their parents are impoverished.

  4. That's a very good point unless for instance there were medical reasons because of that diet. Peanut butter is good for anybody. What about popcorn. A popcorn supper is hard to beat sometimes.