The Title Alone Is Proof

As U.S. troops prepare to leave, they rush to teach Afghans to hunt for roadside bombs 

The LINK to the bullshit if you care to read.

Proof to me anyway why certain people needed to and still must be held accountable for their actions in a wars based on the lies of a few that took a nation to war that killed tens of thousands. There is no pass on shit like this - never!!


  1. Here is my point:
    Osama bin-Laden is dead and al-Qaeda has been decimated. Karzai accusses us of communicating with the Taliban - his opposition; while pocketing billions of US dollars.
    I say disenegage and disengage now.

    Mission accomplished! Have enough damned sense to do what the Russians did before us and get the fuck out of Afghanistan!


    1. If only we would do that Sarge I'd go to town get all pissed up and be somebody.

  2. Oh,
    Dad drove a '53 Desoto - traded that for a "54 Chevy...


  3. I didn't read it, but what I thought about was all the landmines in Afghanistan I've read about.

    Also, when I was a girl, my family had a beige Desoto.

  4. I know all kinds of things about cars but not these cars. I don't remember anybody even having one.