A Short Story And A Rarity

I came back early. The last night out camping over Memorial Day weekend there were very small black flies around. Bigger than no see-ums but small. About three days later realized I got the shit bit out of me and this was a major pain in the ass and took the better part of three weeks to go away.

They were around this time too having grown up a bit and even with repellent it became apparent I still got bit. Just bagged it for staying out the second night and just didn't care to get bit anymore because the six to eight that I'm well aware of so far have been a pain all day and if it's like last time they're here for two weeks anyway. I'll be back there before too long and they will be gone.

Had my eyes open today and happy that I saw these orchids in what is a very small area. Went for several hikes two of which were up box canyons where in one these flowers were found and another with numerous panels of rock art. Some of those pictures will get put up at the Picture Place.

These orchids are called Spiranthes diluvialis.

The pictures were taken in Dinosaur National Monument yesterday.


  1. I remember those little black flies. You would think that they would at least have the decency to allow One Fly to be singular without needing to show you up by how many flies they are.

    Gorgeous orchids!

  2. wow, gorgeous orchid (and a pox on those horrible flies)

  3. I thought them damnblackflies were up in Canada. WTF! Somebody call Homeland Security! Our northern border has been breeched.
    Very lovely orchid indeed.

  4. Lawd, the wild orchid is spectacular!!! I am so jealous that you live close to such wonderfulness. ;)

  5. You must have some good stuff close by don't you? This place is maybe a 100 miles away and covers well a lot of territory.