Lake Chapala looking to the east from just a bit north of Chapala in Jalisco province Mexico.


What He Really Means Is

Making every attempt at the sincere he's really pointing out how pissed off he is that his boys were stupid enough to get caught at something that is the norm for the job. Bet on it!

The top U.S. military officer said Monday the nation’s military leadership is embarrassed by allegations of misconduct against several U.S. military members at a Colombia hotel on the eve of President Obama’s visit over the weekend.


  1. Heh. Yah, usually sneaking off base to hook up with hookers is considered normal. It's only when the morons don't pay the hookers and the hookers whine to the cops that it becomes a problem. Lesson: Don't stiff the hookers if the hookers have the cops on the payroll :).

  2. As Rhet Butler says to Scarlet: You're like the thief that's only sorry they got caught.

  3. ANOTHER great header! The colors are fantastic!


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    1. You're full of bullshit and don't come around here again saying shit that is not true. I'll leave this up but not again.

      No one tells me that I am something I know I am not and say things are going to happen to me that I know will not happen either.