Here is the link for the location above. Next spring I'd like to get out to the intersection of one of these. They possibly reach 300' in height and from what I saw not hikeable. Plus you have no clue they are there. I just happened to see them a few days ago looking at something else.


I Did Arrive

I did arrive like planned and just want to say to those who stop by that there are a couple posts with pictures over at the picture place.

There was a change from where I was supposed to stay but it's just fine. The downside is it's too far to walk to town. Just being here negates much of that.

Like I read - it's just beautiful. People are friendly and helpful. I have learned much in the three days I've been here.

A picture from when I first arrived. This is in San Isidro Perez Zeledon.
 Where we eat.
 Later OF.


  1. Looks simply wonderful!!! The pic of where you eat seems so inviting... enjoy!!!

  2. It is. It gets a bit cool at night for me and that's because of the higher humidity. Thanks!

  3. I love those kiity love eyes! The whole place looks just wonderful!