Five "Hunters" Bagged As Well

Stay outta the cornfield this time of year. This is more than last year I believe and in one day too. You ever see anyone missing toes - - well.

Update: It was three last year just about the same time.

Five people were shot while deer hunting Sunday in separate incident

From a DNR officer -
“I would strongly urge hunters to reconsider hunting in these conditions with such dense fog,” said Allen Crouse, recreational safety officer for the DNR. “It just isn’t safe.”

No shit Cisco - if you can't see don't shoot. It's pretty simple actually.


  1. No but maybe part of a little toe.

  2. We had rain last night and wind. Snow in the mountains around us. Laying pipe today!


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  3. Maybe they should add that it's not a good idea to drink beer or whiskey until after the hunt...

  4. Alas, deer hunting has a long, tragic history as a dangerous pastime. I grew up in an area of upstate New York that attracted dilletante deer hunters from NYC. Many had next to nothing in the way of outdoor skills or hunting knowhow. It's surprising their outings didn't end badly more often than they did, but every year there were a few people shot by mistake, hunters lost, game-law vioiations and so on.

  5. There's actually more hurt done by people running into these things. It is big negative. These deerski are corn fed - healthy and huge.

    There are some I'm sure who think they can lower their food coast but it never works out like that.

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