Three Real Dumb Asses Get Shot In One Day Out In The Cornfield

It's true and read the damn thing and dumb is an appropriate word. It's Bambi time out there and we're talking shotguns with slugs. One guy shot himself in the foot. I bet that hurt real bad. Chances are high that don't happen in the future if he decides to go "hunting" again.  LINK


  1. Shooting themselves and each other is the traditional way of hunting accidents. If you had trees in the cornfield you could have hunters falling out of their tree stands like we do back east.

  2. Deer season in California opened in the fall, when my stepdad had cows on the summer range. We'd spend the week before rounding them all up and putting them into a fenced meadow pasture so there was no way a hunter could mistake one for a deer. One year we caught a hunter in the meadow trying to shoot a deer that was hiding amongst the cows. The sheer idiocy of the average deer "hunter" was appalling. Shouldn't there be a test given before licenses are handed out?

  3. It never ends you guys. Around elk country in NW Colorado there's a lot of rescues that go on as well from being lost,shot,hurt or stuck. It's hard to educate those who refuse to learn but I agree. There are hunting safety courses that are mandatory to get a license but that alone is not enough.

  4. Two or three more got shot in the last day or so. Sheez!

  5. Don't forget the guys that slice themselves up trying to cut up the carcass! And there is always the one or two or so spouses that try to 'biff' the other spouse and say it was a random bullet from some other hunter.


  6. I hadn't heard about the the slicing thing but I do not doubt that either.

    Even more were shot out there in the last day or so.