Cemetery Money Used To Pay Off Priest Rape

Just some of Benny the Rats legacy because like him and those who came before by not stopping it they condone it and in this case use parishioners funds to pay off those who were raped by robes and had put their trust in them - well because they're children and were told these men could be trusted because people who love god don't do bad things.

Well catholic believers what do you think of this. Will you ever be pissed off enough to demand as a group pedophile priests be cast out and safe guards implemented so they can no longer rape children??

This is just too damn sick. These robes are so depraved they can't understand just how sick they are. Child rape continues because they want it to and now they're paying for it with money from the dead.

Under his leadership in 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles quietly appropriated $115 million from a cemetery maintenance fund and used it to help pay a landmark settlement with molestation victims. The church did not inform relatives of the deceased that it had taken the money, which amounted to 88 percent of the fund. Families of those buried in church-owned cemeteries and interred in its mausoleums have contributed to a dedicated account for the perpetual care of graves, crypts and grounds since the 1890s. Mahony and other church officials also did not mention the cemetery fund in numerous public statements about how the archdiocese planned to cover the $660-million abuse settlement. In detailed presentations to parish groups, the cardinal and his aides said they had cashed in substantial investments to pay the settlement, but they did not disclose that the main asset liquidated was cemetery money.

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