Did It Come Around For This Guy?

"American Sniper" author Chris Kyle was fatally shot along with another man Saturday on a Texas gun range

Never heard of this man but it took little time to find out enough which was plenty. He's very proud of how many he has killed and flaunted it monetarily as well with the Invisible Cloud Being along side in his bandolier. Was he one of the sniper killers in Falloojeh where anything that moved was shot? Women children and bearers of white flags included.

The irony of how and where he died illustrates just how flawed the other side's position is. It's obvious but the obvious is not allowed inside da beltway. Not these days or tomorrow either.

Update: I see the shooter may have been a vet suffering from PTSD. Make no mistake here this is some sad shit.


  1. I fail to see how taking someone suffering from PTSD to a gun range is supposed to be therapeutic. You live by the gun, you die by the gun.

  2. Rational minds don't do crap like this. Whether it's guns or religion the level of what I call a form of insanity is about the same. Yes - he got what he enjoyed giving sooo much no matter what he said otherwise in life.

  3. Chris Kyle wasn't shit! USMC Gunnery Carlos Hathcock scored 93 confirmed kills in Vietnam.
    Some mindless asshole with a gun just felt he needed to make hinself famous by taking out the American Sniper".

    Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.
    That is the shit that we have heard for years.
    We can't get rid of people; but we can get rid of guns...


  4. Folks,
    Get active on this gun control thing - I shall.


  5. As I drove Lucy to the vet this morning, I drove thru extremely rich farm land...you know, the ones that hire illegal immigrants, paying no taxes nor benefits. Writing their farms off as losses, cause they made their money elsewhere. Yet they are the first to cry about the illegals, and what is the government gonna do about it...they are the first to cry about taxation on the rich...and they are the first to shed a little emotional tear over the extremely powerful superbowl ad claiming that god created the farmer and the dodge pickup! They believe in the god given right to bear arms (AK47s) and that some inexperienced teacher should be armed in each school. I'm the leftie, the tree hugger...They think I'm nuts! I have protested, written letters, voted...and all I see is that there is insanity everywhere and it's growing. Yep...I'm in an extremely pissy mood this morning!

    1. Ooh don't get me wrong...I'm not against the farmer. Around here, most of them are extremely rich and merely transplants. They are bankers, lawyers, whatevers that bought the land merely as tax write offs...

    2. Being in a pissy mood is allowed here with no penaltys!

      What the hell is this??? "extremely powerful superbowl ad claiming that god created the farmer and the dodge pickup"

      Is this true - do I dare watch it or will it cause me harm??

  6. So ..... after the Midland City AL. child being taken hostage by yet another demented veteran, do you reeally want YOUR child's bus driver to be armed? and NO! I'm not poor mouthing all VETS! Just the demented ones ... like me ...

  7. I saw the dodge/god bullshit and it was very disgusting!!

  8. Karma does work, doesn't it?