This Close To A Real President Today

The President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla came to the new school just up the road from where I stay. She walked up from the street where she then cut the ribbon that I got a piece of by the way and went inside for the rest of the dedication festivities.

I could go all over the place with this but will keep it brief. This was nice to be a part of. I wasn't going inside but this certain man kinda brought me with him. Glad I went. There's a video and soon other pictures at the other place.

This has a lot to say about other countries in the sense of how close I was allowed to get this woman. This is in no way a "Banana Republic" like in the old days. There is so much going on and I have seen very little of CR.

Could have easily stepped up next to her and asked for her sign my piece of the ribbon or gotten a picture but there were others who wanted her attention as it's not often the president of your country comes to your school.

The bottom picture she looked up and gave me a smile.
May she always remain safe. Just to be clear she was walked up to the school with security on either side front and back. When she got up to the school where all the kids and adults were these men made themselves pretty scarce. There are security guys in three of the four pictures.


  1. Yes, well. Okey-Dokie, then.

  2. I appreciate that a bunch Andy!! By any chance did you go to the video link?