This Is Good Too

As Colorado muddles it's way through the pot issues and it's only an issue to those who lost and of course fear everything but not the State Senate who for the fourth time in a row did the right thing!

A marijuana blood limit for drivers was rejected Monday for a fourth time in the Colorado Senate, where bipartisan skepticism on the pot analogy to blood-alcohol limits helped sink the measure even in a weaker form.

It was the 5 nano gram limit they were after. When you got the cops wanting this and to them it was a good number you know it's bad. So many people would have gotten screwed, threatened and fucked with. 

Now these badges cannot jerk you around. They can but they will lose because marijuana is legal in Colorado and they have no way of proving THC in your system is impairing your driving  well - - - because it's not. 

It's the boozers and medicine chest junkies that are the real killers on the road not people who smoke herb. That's a fact whether you care to believe or not. I could give a shit. Talk to an honest cop and they will tell you the same.


  1. It is just that isn't it. I think these flowers are bigger than last year but I guess not. About the only color around that I can find.

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