I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


On Squealing

The was this family who had a fabrication business and when break time came no matter how busy all stopped at once and had a break in the break room. I hung out there some as that was part of my job back then.

Discussion at times would center around what was charged for work done and the response from who was getting charged and what they had to say. Depending on any number criteria like who it was, past history, attitude possibly, was it a emergency, things like that a price was arrived at. More than once when a response was described of someones maybe negative reaction to what he was charged you might hear back "You made him squeal just right". I happen to think that's funny as hell. I got to squeal a couple times myself.

In respect to the implementation of Amendment 64 you have a guy who has a D in front of his name wanting and will probably get a 30% tax on marijuana.

 Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, sponsored House Bill 1318, which calls for the 30 percent tax rate.

In addition the simple shit pulled this nonsense out of his ass as well.

Without the steep tax, Singer said, “we won’t actually be able to implement a model that will assure that our local communities are kept safe.”

People need to be made safe from your stupidity. Mentality from the early 20th century.

Then at a national level you have our so called buds who have the D's in front of their name again going after internet sales tax. They will get it. Thanks again you pricks.

Yup - the squealing you hear is me and it's a lot more than "just right"! It's wrong. 


  1. I really like that picture of San Jose with the sculpture.

  2. Me too and I did crop it a bit. It looked close to this at the time. There were 3-4 more sculptures in black as well in about maybe 4 blocks. To see this during other times of the day with different light would probably be fairly interesting for taking pictures. Thanks for that!

  3. Great header! I knew a tax would be coming... but 30%??? What's the liquor tax in Co??? it should be the same...

  4. Amazing work of art, that black figure in San Jose!

    1. Hi Duta and all I could do was out the window.

  5. All very well but do you know the way to San Jose?