I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Well Shitfire

Thanks for the visit first off!

Not sure what if anything needs to be said but gonna throw a few things out there as it's been a long time. I am very tired of "news and politics" right now. Just not participating much. Totally disgusting and in the end can be depressing to hear or to even learn  more bad shit on a daily basis. Just not doing it much and concentrate on other things I guess.

One thing that happened on 8/10 is that I got myself hurt or more correctly I guess I hurt myself pretty damn bad. The worst being a finger on each hand. The right thumb is about back but the left pinky has a long way to go. This was a tough one and I just hope by next spring I can swing a golf club. I'm not sure of that at all because right now I can't even come close to doing so. This may have given me more intense hurt for a longer time than anything that came before.

There was what turned out to be a lifestyle change that is almost as dramatic as when I stopped work two years ago. The hand thing is the second time I got bit for choosing to go without health insurance. This change and how it was arrived at once again as so many times through my life come together through coincidental happenings. I feel almost totally at peace. The only other time I have ever felt quite like this but much more so was on the Volta River in Senchi Ferry, Ghana.

There has been quite a bit of windshield time of late. I am sitting here
at Ute Lake SP outside of Logan NM. Drug this back from north of the cornfield first part of this month. It was 1100 back to home. Last night was the virgin night on the road. It went well and tweeking will be ongoing for a while. Bought the annual camping pass (has to be the best deal in the states for camping) and they will not make money on this arrangement. 22 days and you have recouped. Will stay here for another day or so. This place has the internets so that's nice. To pull in off the road to camp for a night in a CO state part it would cost me $27. Here the same would be 10.

Last week did a 750 miler with a friend from Misery that took us deep into the big mountains. Colorado is such a cool place to live. And it was like it was all ours and the fact of the matter much of is ours and yours too.

Two other things-
Feel sooooo fortunate that I have even a chance at this. There was a saying in Ghana used plenty with variations of it. Simply that "Life was sweet". Life is pretty sweet just now. May yours be tooo sweet!

Does anyone have contacts on the Baja from La Paz down to Cabo? I have yet to make a decent contact and thinking seriously about going there for awhile anyway. The run of 10.5 months of shorts,sandals and tshirt is over. Time to start it up again if possible.

Have a good one-
One Fly  


  1. Did you break your finger? I never hear exactly what you did do to your damaged digits.


  2. Caught your finger in a church door I'll betcha.

  3. I've been following bloggers who live full time in their RVs and a couple of gals lives full time in one the size of yours. She travels all over and stays from free to next to free. They all seem to love the life. Me? I need a home to come home to...that's just me tho...! Poor finger... hahaha...church door??? great comment by yellow fringe. Made me laugh!!!

  4. I was doing a couple good things for the first time. Things that were important as to what I wanted in a place to live and in life. I crashed and burnt on my bike about a block away doing just that.

    Nothing was broke. The right thumb should have been in a cast and the left little finger was sticking out at about a 45+ angle. It was dislocated. I pulled it out a bit and moved it over. That did not hurt in the slightest. That all came later. I still have to be careful of both but it's the little one that is taking a very long time. The bad is over and I can do pretty much all that I want.

  5. I want that home as well but enjoy going out for a week or two. I would live out here but that would take a bunch more funds.

    I can see the humor. Or should I throw a golf club and feign disgust at pretending to feel mistreated.

  6. OF,

    Good to hear of you. Sorry about your incident, shit seems to happen to us as we age, it sucks but oh well.

    My incident last spring was quite a scare but fully recovered from it.

    Sue, John and your younger bro stopped thru in June for a couple of days, it was really good to see them.

    Looking forward to the new camera and more pics,

    Take care and watch out for those church doors, I try and stay away from them myself.

    Tim near KC

    1. Thanks for that Tim. I'm glad you're doing well too. I plan on coming through there in the spring.

  7. Good to see you back on the Inter. Hope you heal up soon.

    1. Thanks Jeg. Are you ready for winter in the cornfield.