I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Two Years Ago

2/3/13 moved into my place. On the 10th crashed and burnt less than two blocks away on my bike while doing for the first time one of the criteria I wanted in a lifestyle. 
It was the most and the longest this guy had ever hurt in his life. It was a finger on each hand that was the major issue. A year later still could not grip correctly let alone swing a golf club. Now it's pretty much ok with just a couple very minor remnants of that event left. 
Life in the neighborhood has been a pleasant surprise actually until the first week of June this year when what turned out to be wanna be punks moved in directly across the street and immediately started dealing. It was meth and black tar heroin according to the pulice who never really did anything to stop it even with bunches of evidence from me.
This was a really bad deal and saw things I tell you. This period has been a downhill slide for me till now but it's about all over with.
They were evicted a couple weeks ago ONLY because the rent was not paid when stipulated by the court else they'd still be there. Stoopid wanna be punk drug dealers. Stick your red caps and white t-shirts and baggy ass always falling off shorts along with your tats all the way up your asses you dirty bastards!!
Knew this was not going to end well and when the knife came out the pulice rolled up within two minutes guns out as they were well aware of this place. This picture is off a video and the guy had the knife. Six or seven got handcuffed and later all released. In a follow up find out the knife hoodlum is on a parole and the video may put him back in. Make it so! This could not be ignored as this is what I saw out my kitchen window. Hundreds of people and cars coming and going over these seven weeks or so. Soooo glad they are gone. This was a 100 yards away from City Park and the towns water theme park.
This is not the only thing that happened in this town that day and I suggest you read this for the rest of the story.  http://huerfanojournal.com/first-responders-have-a-busy-day-to-remember/Several days ago my neighbor had four tires slashed on two vehicles. A rattlesnake was dispatched night before last just out in the street. That don't bother as much as these slugs of humanity across the way and that's a fact!                                         

This place had been empty for the better part of two years and always figured there was a good chance of it being a shit hole. Was saying to myself to not be so judgmental about the way these people were living over there as I didn't really know. On occasion not often at all a half dozen your males would come out for a bit and what really stood out for me was this - never once did I see a thing moved into this home not once. This day three pickup loads along with at least five car loads  of stuff was removed from this place. All this was done at night and I understand that people such as this basically just come out at night. Yup - normal people don't act like this that is for certain at least in the world I know of.

This is pretty much what it was like outside when they were there. Admit to being curious as to what conditions were like inside. I did get inside. Throw any benefit of doubt - be a nice guy - don't be so judgmental shit straight out the window. These people were all a bunch of lowlifes plain and simple and lived in a real life shit hole.

It needs to be said and this is a true statement - real estate sales have never been close to the numbers seen this last year compared to the last 20. Some who come from other states do so because of several reasons one of which is that they are tired of being life long criminals because of pot. Population is 3000

Very much want to live on the other side of the mountains and we call the other side of the Continental Divide in Colorado The West Slope. There is not much of a bond with this place - just not going to happen.

Gonna head back down to Mexico and veeeery much looking forward to that.

Life is pretty damn good actually. Feel great and that is because it is real warm and I am active it's just that simple and has always been the primary reason for going to the warm.     


  1. THEY ARE GONE!!!! Of course, not put in the slammer, but moved anyway. Are you looking on the western slope. Plan on moving BEFORE Mexico?


  2. After I get my car fixed I will go to Montrose and lay some groundwork or do some investigating. I do not think it's doable monetarily and I really should not own anything.

  3. Hillbillies are everywhere these days, aren't they. Those kinds of folks give drugs a bad name! heh Good Riddance!
    What ain't funny is having all that kind of traffic moving back and forth past you and yours with everybody eyeballing what belongs to you. I have a fellow fixed income friend who lives by himself in a run down part of town where the punks you describe frequent. Hasn't always been like that there; he's owned the home for forty years or so. Gunshots are a regular occurrence in the neighborhood all hours of the day. He won't admit that he is but when he talks about it I can tell he's terrified most of the time. I ain't gon' be able to live like that, myself.
    I'd like to see some of your photos of the west slope when you go out there. never been, myself .....

    1. I don't think there were any guns around with these people bj. Most of the pictures at the picture place are from the "West Slope" as I lived there for 20 years. Look at the categories on the right side kinda gives an idea. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I'm glad to learn that your fingers are ok.
    Neighborhoods change everywhere, and usually not to the best.
    I've always heard that mexicans want to come into the USA; you wish to do the opposite- go to Mexico. That's interesting.

  5. Plus Duta the anti Mexican/Muslim and anyone else they can name mood is back with a vengeance here in Merca.

    I get treated better than good there and not so for outsiders here. If you are white that makes a difference.