I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Public Lands Means They Are Yours Not Anyone Else's

And it's pretty much that simple. People along the way did us an amazing thing in that they left these lands for every American and visitor from wherever they may be from unlimited opportunity to see, explore and experience at their leisure and as much as they want and for little and mostly nothing.

Is it all wonderful - no but it works and one must participate and make their voices heard when it comes to management decision making and it does make a difference.

Anyone who has spent time out and about on these lands has run across Bundy Bastard types who threaten and intimidate people into thinking they are trespassing when of course they are not. A lease for grazing in many of these instances does NOT give ownership rights that allow them to do so.

The rational used by these Bundy Bastards is off the wall. Again it's not the gubmit's property but yours and mine and this time I very much want these people out of and off of what is mine and reprimanded for breaking numbers of laws that we would all be held accountable for.

And make no mistake about it the action taken by these Bundy Bastards is religious in nature - Mormon to be specific. LINK

The Right has it's sights on Public Lands like they do other things involving huge amounts of money they see as exploitable. "Oh there is so much a little won't be missed" or something similar is often heard from Bundy types.

I want these lands protected now and forever and you should as well for many obvious reasons all of which are correct unlike the nonsense thrown about by Bundy Bastard types where ever they may be from.

If you have never been to the West a visit may forever change you. If the election goes badly very quickly the face of the West and your lands will be forever changed in huge negative ways and that is a fact!


  1. In Arizona many years ago I rode a mountain bike over public land and was run off the bike path by an asshole on a horse who yelled as his horse nearly run over me that the area was for cattle and horse ridders. Which it was not, it was even listed on maps as a hike and bike trail.

  2. Hasn't changed although nothing of the sort has happened to me.

  3. It's melting here...just a tad! I'm doing a happy dance!


    1. Days are getting longer Linda and it's getting to be that time of year you start reaching for the warm. I understand but you know that.

  4. You've been abused by someone. Doesn't make every leaseholder an asshole.

    Odd how you prejudge ("Bundy Bastard")....have you ever met the man? I haven't. He might be a bastard, he night be a nice guy.

    Lots of these people have been abused by the feds. They made the land what it was for over a hundred years. Then a bunch of people wanted them off the land, (think Sierra club types, many of whom I have met and many who ARE assholes....but I don't paint them all with one brush).

  5. Good post. This issue needs all the publicity it can get. Cattle ranchers and mining/fracking interests are getting the welfare deal of the century with the tiny amount of rent/fees they pay for the use of our public lands. But that's not enough for them. The Bundy Bastards want to use this land for free; having to pay a minimal grazing fee is their version of "government tyranny!"

    And these people have a huge amount of wealth and influence. We have to make sure our "elected" "representatives" don't bend over for them.

  6. Nothing has been done yet. Why is the media allowed access and vice versa. Strange as hell.

    The left thought and still think the tbaggers were real funny. Most think the repuglican candidates are just as funny.

    There's nothing funny about any of this. Joke about these criminals after they are out and in custody.

  7. The religious implications are beginning to come under more scrutiny, now, after the interview with the rifle wielding, mormon bushwhacker hiding under the tarp. I'm with you, 'Fly. ain't nothin' funny about treason. or snipers planning to shoot federal agents, either. I'm for starving them into submission and eventual arrest. my war cry is "NO MORE SNACKS!"

  8. I'll go for that bj. I swear they get more power and influence from not being confronted.

    Why? White and with guns.

    Sooooo sick of this shit!

    1. I feel you, my friend, but these folks deserve to be prosecuted, humiliated, and then minimalized as a warning to the others of his ilk. An Apache flyover makes them martyrs in the eyes of the other members of Vanilla ISIS and they really should be remembered as treasonous rebels, and then forgotten in prison.
      Of course they could forcibly removed but I'm beginning to feel differently about people "in authority" with guns. Same with cops, security guards, loony homeowners and especially right to carry zealots. Just because you have the authority to shoot and kill another human being doesn't mean you SHOULD shoot and kill another human being at every given opportunity, which is what we're seeing today.
      Now if the folks who actually LIVE there in Oregon were to tar, feather and run those out of stater, ocuupying folks out on a rail, that might work even better.
      I hear the Piyute claim that land, too and are puttin' on their War paint!

    2. Guess it makes no difference what we think as these people are coming and going as they please from what I've just been reading.

  9. I agree a 100% with what you say. Authorities are out of control with unnecessary shooting.

    There are many other ways of course and if they don't make the right choice of what's offered and guns need to be used so be it I'm okay with that.

    But - let them be the ones who shoot first. If they want to die of starvation in there let them I'm okay with that too.

    I just want to see something done rather than nothing. Like have the phones including cell been disabled? Let them have electric don't care about that but none comes and goes and no tb. If they have to eat tree bark so be it don't give a shit.

    Just want them off and out of my our fucking property not later and know it can't be now but start the damn process!

  10. One Fly -- My -- does this mean anyone of us can move on public land and live -- I don't think so but the government hasn't done a thing to stop these thugs -- yet. One way to get rid of them would be to not allow bundy folks to come and go to their occupied place -- no food could force them off. And what about turning off water too. Sounds harsh I guess but they are harsh individuals. -- barbara

    1. No it does not but off topic the camping regs are pretty lenient in my opinion.

      As you have said it's obvious even from a layman what actions could be taken to encourage a change without violence. Noriega Mood Music would be one for instance.

      Try hard to not speculate much these days. Not worth it but we are generally correct or close to it.

      This does not add up - not even close. From what I've been thinking for some time will say I believe this is just another example of who is and has been in control in this country. It's the pretty far Right.

      The Left doesn't get it. It's like they want to lose and probably are going to.

      By doing nothing it emboldens people like this even more and along with the 1% media they gain credibility where there should be absolutely none.

      I believe there has been a fundamental shift in our society's thinking maybe since since Obama and it's to the Right for sure because there just ISN"T anything of substance the average American can see.

      It is just the effect the rich and powerful want to see happen and their diligence is paying off.


    2. Sad to say -- it does seem that your words ring true -- barbara