I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


From 1/9/11

Ran across this and decided to put a link to it as not only is it the same out there but much worse these days. Any changes made have been removed to return to the good 'ol days.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming ya see.

Our Side Does Not Kill


  1. I have no Prayers but many thoughts. There are no easy answers to this dilemma. We all know that. As a Vet I can tell you that you are trained to kill the 'Enemy' and disregard your natural abhorrence to that act, CELEBRATE your KIAs, and tamp down your conflicted feelings concerning the 'Enemy's' humanity. PTSD is a MOST Motherfucker. It skews your thought processes to the point that, depending on the situation, ANYone can be the enemy. Our Police Departments seek out well trained Veterans for employment. Is it any wonder most now wear Black Military-style uniforms, tote AR-15s, and ride to reported Domestic Disturbances in Armored Military surplus vehicles with zero expectation to "Serve And Protect" the public? Humans Suck at being good and decent people.Psychologically damaged Humans REALLY Suck at it.
    Thanks for your post, 'Fly, and for listening.

  2. Hey bj. A few days have gone by now and I guess that means we'll be overdue for another ones something like the other one. Maybe more maybe less. The killer will once again be splattered all over something like the people he killed. Chances high he was this or he was that - that this happened or that happened. Pinche todo! Thanks for the visit.

  3. It's convenient for liberals to blame Trump for setting these nut jobs off.
    I wonder what set these nut jobs off before Trump became president.
    Since we don't jail people for having evil thoughts maybe we could try and keep guns out of their hands.
    If our ex-military guys were properly looked after, maybe they wouldn't get to going over the line.
    We will never eliminate hate and evil from the world, no matter what George Bush said.

  4. I don't look at it as a convenience factor as his rhetoric certainly has inflamed the situation.

    It's overdo for Veterans to raise hell over Trumper's actions.