This is Bistek al la Mexicana a common dish found many places. There are several places I get this some better than others but all real decent! Kind of a tomato based sauce with generally pretty tender pieces of beef and a fair amount of it. The rice is pretty generic but the frijoles can be something else. This also includes as many fresh made in front of you tortillas you want and brought to you with a smile. Something like this costs around 50-60 pesos or $3. The squeezed as you watch orange juice is 20 and brings the price up a bit but worth it. Nothing in the States I've ever had compares to this not even close plus it'll cost 7-10 smacks. I don't know what I'm going to eat when I return. It will be an adjustment as I do this so much that is go into Puerto Vallarta on the south side and have me a excellent lunch with "real" Mexican food not the slop I get back there. I do not plan on eating out much at all only at maybe three select places. Pricey yes but worth it because it's so good. I threw away so much money last summer eating way overpriced shitty food. Several times the food got thrown away as well. The whole of Mexico is an eating machine I tell you. I'm gonna miss this.

I feel good and and think the higher temps and humidity contributes to that. It's the same every time. After a month or two you realize and say " Hey I feel pretty damn good!"

Just as important I believe the food made fresh with wholesome fresh ingredients as well contributes to that. Get off the bus in town the food smells everywhere make me hungry just like that.


$4.7 Billion A Year To Promote Death And Destruction

As it fights two wars, the Pentagon is steadily and dramatically increasing the money it spends to win what it calls "the human terrain" of world public opinion. In the process, it is raising concerns of spreading propaganda at home in violation of federal law.

I don't know about anyone else but I have a serious problem with this.

When we as a country promote freedom and democracy (that's the line as we know it) allow our money to be used for the Pentagon to promote their agenda around the world that become the perfect example of how far we have strayed and also that we have no control.

Even with Obama at the wheel it appears the US will continue to be an aggressor for those behind the scenes protecting the so called interests of corporations and the rest of the wealthy.

Sick sick shit!


  1. "Shaping Public Opinion"..Propaganda by any other name still stinks like hog shit, and it's propaganda.

    The Pentagon is out of it's realm of expertise. Obama needs to rein them in.

  2. Isn't their shock and awe supposed to tell the whole story? What do they need to advertise for?

  3. Been reading about this at "Pen and Sword". It's been an ongoing problem for some time and some damn body should stop it.
    I stumbled across the following link in a comment at "Ornery Bastard" today that is a fitting comment on all the government bull shit. It's a song by Jim Hinde. You should put it up on your site. Very much worth the listen:

  4. Gee, all this money for the Pentagon and the Repubs are not willing to give anything to Main Street. People are losing jobs and their homes and Congress can't get a job stimulus package approved. And the beat goes on.

  5. We'll see what the O man does while the beat continues. I just call bullshit.

    Only excerpts Nunya. I have a hard time finishing books.

  6. This mostly started in the Rumsfeld years, although I think there have been earlier efforts. Part of that effort was exposed in that NYT article last year by David Barstow. They now have propaganda units integrated into larger commands as part of the standard unit composition. It wouldn't surprise me much to learn that some of those resources ended up propagandizing us.

  7. this will never end - the entire iraq war was just more "american propaganda" - only with guns. we have beendoing this for ever - think of all the pentagon inspired "govt changes" like chile and iran there have been