This is Bistek al la Mexicana a common dish found many places. There are several places I get this some better than others but all real decent! Kind of a tomato based sauce with generally pretty tender pieces of beef and a fair amount of it. The rice is pretty generic but the frijoles can be something else. This also includes as many fresh made in front of you tortillas you want and brought to you with a smile. Something like this costs around 50-60 pesos or $3. The squeezed as you watch orange juice is 20 and brings the price up a bit but worth it. Nothing in the States I've ever had compares to this not even close plus it'll cost 7-10 smacks. I don't know what I'm going to eat when I return. It will be an adjustment as I do this so much that is go into Puerto Vallarta on the south side and have me a excellent lunch with "real" Mexican food not the slop I get back there. I do not plan on eating out much at all only at maybe three select places. Pricey yes but worth it because it's so good. I threw away so much money last summer eating way overpriced shitty food. Several times the food got thrown away as well. The whole of Mexico is an eating machine I tell you. I'm gonna miss this.

I feel good and and think the higher temps and humidity contributes to that. It's the same every time. After a month or two you realize and say " Hey I feel pretty damn good!"

Just as important I believe the food made fresh with wholesome fresh ingredients as well contributes to that. Get off the bus in town the food smells everywhere make me hungry just like that.


A New Job Opening

Something tells me there won't be any takers.

A recently retired Mexican army general whose bullet-riddled body was found Tuesday near Cancun had taken over as the area's top antidrug official less than 24 hours earlier, officials said.

This is getting really nasty and has already spilled over the border to here and it's not going away plus it's going to get worse.

These people are nasty bastards indeed and they enjoy killing. They are not going away and they are never going to play nice.

How do you combat this? You take the goddamn profit out of it that's how. How do you do that?

You end the the long since failed never to be won drug war and institute legalization of some form. It's that in a nutshell. The only way to achieve results quickly and put these fuckers out of the killing business pronto is just that.

The hypocrisy of this country's position on drugs is truly amazing.


  1. Yep. That's how it will end. When will that happen? Let me go check the temperature in Hell ... not for a while, I'm afraid.

  2. {{{{standing ovation!!!}}}}

    Way to keep up on the news AND make the connection of cause/effect! I see so little of this news, and normally I have to search it out. This post is a treat!

  3. More of the same failed crap is what's in the future.

    Ms. Explorer-thank you for that!! I have protesred this insane shit for so long. We can't even grow industrial hemp one of the most promising plants on earth that has the potential of making this country much less dependent on outsiders.

    I think of the good people everywhere who cower in their home afraid of what lies outside because of the third war front we are engaged in. There would be almost immediate positive results with legalazation but no our country loves war.

    I also look forward to your insightful posts on what's happening on the border. It's important what you do! tb

  4. We can no longer afford to fight a war against the law of supply and demand.