Not Normal Anymore

Akin or anybody else who give away who they truly are as a person as well as what their party ideology really is and going through the nonsense of the demands of him doing this or that is a diversion and a waste of time because he knows he doesn't have to anything much different.

According to the polls this pos is neck and neck with McCaskill and may be leading even. Like it or not they do what they want because they can over and over.

This is where we are at. Most normal people get pissed off at shit like this. But we're not normal any more and Akin's all over the country have gotten elected. More will be elected come November.



  1. "But we're not normal any more" Ain't that the truth.
    We have been massaged to accept this kinda shit.
    People are afraid to speak the truth.
    Common sense went out the window long ago.
    They intimidate the weak, the wannabe left obeys their commands.
    it is not just this Akin asshole that thinks like this. It is their whole tribe.
    Wait till you see their platform for the convention.
    No abortions PERIOD, NO MATTER WHAT. Their crusade is aiming for a theocracy that will make birth control pills and condoms weapons of mass destruction.

    AHA, now we know where all of W's WMD's went.

    The leaders of the far right are the poster children to condone abortions if there ever were one.

  2. Where was the photo of your cool header taken? Looks like it could be from around here someplace.


  3. It is I'm pretty sure without going to look.

  4. I'll be surprised if that stupid statement will have any effect on the election at all... From what I hear, the people around here just wanna get rid of McCaskill and don't care who they get in??? I'm like...what are they thinking? I'm simply appalled at stupid!!!

    1. It's where much of the populace is at and stupid it is for sure.