What 21 Smacks Gets You

It get's you 18 holes of  golf  on a nine holer walking with a back drop like this and few others around.  In addition two freshly made tacos with homemade salsa and a coke plus a two buck tip.

I have seldom paid for playing golf in many years but this is cheap golf and today was a blast. Hit the ball pretty good for playing just five times this year. Actually thought I wouldn't play at all. This track makes it by on the very minimum of a budget I'm sure. It played really well and the greens were true as can be and looked great.  It was a lot of fun.
But it wasn't fun for Mary who got a ticket for protecting her honor on the golf course. 


  1. Great looking course, where is it?

  2. Walsenburg and it's pretty good for what they have to do the work. The lady inside has worked there 38 years. Just the right type of place for guys like you and me. Actually had to repair more than a couple ball marks.

  3. A day not on the ranch...hitting balls, not mowing lawns...perfect!


  4. I enjoyed this so much it can be called perfect. Thanks for that!

  5. Interesting, I've driven through there numrous times. Yes we need to meet at some places for a good round of golf. Let me know the time and place and I'll see if I can swing it. Come down to join Russ Sype's election campaign too.

    1. This needs to be done sometime Pat. Let's see what happens this fall.