Stupid Me Thinking Local Guvmint Would Kick The Non Existant Cloud Being Out Of Their Chambers

In a complete turnaround from the post below the council now takes this position -

It turns out, however, that council's own rules and bylaws call for an invocation. In short, it would take a majority of council to vote to stop the official prayer and that doesn't appear likely.

In addition they would like to make it even better -
"In fact, I'd like to expand the invocation to our weekly work sessions as well," offered Councilman Chris Nicoll.
Pueblo,Colorado or someplace else the absurdity of believing one person snapped their fingers and instantly for the most part created the cosmos and everything else is beyond bizarre. At least for me even as a kid.


  1. hahaha...sorry...I knew you were being optimistic!!! Praying at work takes the pressure off of having to pray at home...when they're off the clock. Geez and no one would see how pious they are!!!

    1. I bit on this knowing full well that to take the position of optimism in these days is most of the time a let down.