The Roll Is Over

May not mean a whole hell of a lot in the big scheme of things but to me it's huge and have enjoyed this for the longest time in my life excluding the time spent in West Africa.

Didn't leave the house much yesterday. It was rainy and low 50's. This morning overcast and 50 out. May get to 60 with some sun today maybe.

I need to go out and that will mean the shorts have to come off for the first time in four and a half months. From the end of April till the middle of September it's been put 'em on in the morning and take 'em off at night.

That's what I call a roll and it's been a giant simple pleasue for me. They'll be back on Friday when it warms up.

It's part of my job now to take full advantage of these simple pleasures that are free.


  1. If you've been wearing those shorts for 4.5 months, they probably need to be washed anyway. :>

  2. 62 degrees here in KC... and, wash the shorts!!!

  3. I was just thinking this morning that I still have a closet full of lovely work clothes, but in my retirement I find I'm wearing the same pants and sloppy Tshift every day. Actually I have 2 pairs of retirement clothes because I do wash them. Though I've been known to sit at my computer in my bathrobe while the clothes are being cleaned. Retirement life IS pretty easy when it comes to figuring out what to wear.

  4. Me too Jan. I do not go or nor am I asked to go where nicer clothes are needed. When I put on something better then I feel uneasy and out of he element so to speak. When traveling where pretty much the same thing. Now I shop I second hand stores. That's part of my new job too.

  5. When I retired I took all my business clothes to the Salvation army...farm life is the life for me!