A Conversation Not Allowed

It's not just this topic either. When you throw into the mix religion out the door goes logic and common sense. Compound this at a national level and what you find for the most part is religious insanity behind the wheel driving drunk as a hopped up hoot owl.

May this young lady pass peacefully as she wants as it is her life decision and right to make for herself. Not by others who wish to impose their belief mores on all of us.

No group or person should have the right to impose their beliefs on others if the "others" choose not to participate.

It's real simple actually. It's not a stretch to say that the many who attempt this are mind screwed since birth mostly in a belief system that is more than severely flawed.

The level at which this is happening is disturbing. The hate from too many of these "believer" types when things don't go their way is even more alarming.

Across the board for the most part this segment of people are Repuglicans. They lie, cheat and steal. If that don't work they'll fucking kill ya and that's a fact.



  1. I so agree!


  2. A huge thanks on that Linda. We incarcerate people who assist rational terminal people into ending their lives in a dignified fashion.

    That conversation is the one not allowed and it's needed. There is not enough out there to help the tens of millions of boomers coming down the tube.