A Walk Last March

When I was told about this place thought I would try to capture a bit of what it would be like if you wanted to be somewhere but couldn't be and what it was like for the guy (me) who was doing this for the first time as well.

Easier said than done. There's a bit of substance here and I'm glad I got to see this. It's fair to say if you ask a local something beware of the answer even if you get one. This fellow gave me some good info.

I lost interest in this but ran across it the other day and finished it.

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  1. Fly, you're more exciting than the Mars Curiosity rover!

  2. Oh, what fun! I miss those red dirt roads! The views of forever, or so it seems, the quiet... It's funny how once you see the sherds they're everywhere! Thank you so much for this. It will have to hold me for a while...

  3. Very much appreciate that you guys. Gotta beat the cat for awhile and get out of here. I'll be bok later. I should have had more of this done before now.

  4. Having lived in a lush river valley all my life, it always puzzles me how people managed to live so far from water.

  5. Back then there was more water and to this day where you find springs or seeps that still produce. Then they captured water as well.

  6. That cat loves you...she is giving you HUGE love eyes!