BLM Means Business When It Comes To Artifacts

These two older fellows can attest to that.

Howard H. Drake, 76, of Silverton, was sentenced to 10 days in jail for picking up a human skull and showing it to a group of hikers.Harry Hance, 81, of Mancos, was sentenced to three days in jail for helping organize the hikes.

It could have been worse and Drake should have known better. I want to go on one of these Senior Outdoor hikes like this. This one was out of Durango.

Have I ever seen a skull or say a basket? No and if I did I would not touch either. Pick up a shard of pottery? Yes I do.

This "off trail" position in places has become too overbearing and uncompromising. Do I go off trail? Of course at times and it depends where you are. I'm too old to get my ass chewed out. Do I climb on walls? No. Do I respect whats there? Of course yes - very much so!


  1. On BLM it's all about going off trail and I will always do so if the opportunity presents itself in a most intriguing way. I own no skulls, baskets or pots. I never walk on walls, but have sat and leaned against one, which is a no-no, too. The bottom line is, I treat all sites with respect and honor the people who came before.

  2. ME TOO!!

    To "experience" the site or the land or the hollow or the valley or that wonderful mountain top I sometimes have to be separated from the herd.


    1. I'd have a hard time on a tour bus.