Buying A Car

This is hard work and it's not even me doing it. Long story that will not be touched on only to say the dynamics of buying a used Subaru have changed from what they once were.

Drove to Florissant which is 30 some miles west of Colorado Springs. A '09 Forester private party. Traveled over a 100 and it took less than five minutes and we drove away.

We actually stopped at the Suby dealer in the Springs where believe it or not a car may get bought. A real nice one. It should be for how much it costs. Just want to say it was a pretty decent experience. Because of the dynamics mentioned before one of which is used Suby's are commanding top dollar no matter who has them. Thus dealers enter the picture a bit anyway.

Next in line is a ride to Pagosa Springs on Thurs to look at another private party Forester. Like I say it's not me but if this one is not had the other one at the dealer if it's not been sold will be. Pretty sure anyway.

It's ma job these days.


  1. We just helped Shannon buy herself a used Toyota...we so understand your statement...and it took all day.


  2. It's probably about the same thing with many Toyota's. I never go near dealers but this is just different.