The elections are today. Mercuns hate this guy sooo much. The history of this country's association with this man is deplorable. Myself I find the knowledge level of his supporters to be far more than the average person here. The enthusiasm level of people on both sides is very high.

Chaves supporters echo "the people" message and love this man to death because he has given millions so much that they would have never had like education and health care of all things! The other side takes in my opinion the corporate side like what you see here and the other side in Venezuela is the upper class.

I hope Hugo wins and lives a long life. We have tried to kill him several times. Are ya proud of your country?? Well are ya. 

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What Hugo said several years ago. Because corporate and religious insanity rule in the States a legitimate conversation with this man will never be allowed. We could learn much but it won't happen and that is unfortunate.



  1. I am a Big Chavez fan and agree with all you've said here. I hope he lives a long life. He can teach us a thing or two about leading people to a better life.

  2. That he can! If he loses watch the drug war ramp up to new heights along with dead people.

  3. Breathtaking photograph, Fly! What Teresa said!

  4. I missed being out there this last year a lot Fearguth.

  5. I'll bet you miss the North West....maybe going back would be a good thing?!???


  6. It's a very special place when it's nice out. That for me anyway.

  7. This is not just about Venezuela.
    The whole region is at stake.
    Here is a good, far, far lefty take on it. :-)

    Cuba, Nicaragua and other countries in the region depend on his oil.
    Remember when he gave free heating oil to our needy cold people in the North East? While we were cutting the subsidies for the same people.
    How many times did we try to kill Fidel? Well he is still alive, and all of his opponents are dead.
    Our embargoes lead to ethnic cleansing, and suffering for the poor and needy. All in the name of Empire.
    Instead of feeding the needy, we feed the beast [MIC].

    1. In past months Bolivia has been out of the picture. We must feel we have Evo under control as he hasn't said a word. You can bet we did as much as we could to lessen the support he has in country.

  8. I was roomies with one of the scions of Venezuelan aristocracy when I was in college. He was arrogant, dismissive of the "Indios" who are the vast majority in Venezuela as being little more than monkeys who must be led by the "whites" (i.e., the wealthy aristocratic class -- there's no actual difference in skin color), and lazy... man, this dude was so lazy he was even surprised he had to wash his own clothes, because he had servants for that, and he never cleaned the room, that was beneath him. I transferred out of that room as fast as I could because I couldn't stand him.

    Maybe that kinda makes clear why, though I'm no big fan of Chavez, I'm even less a fan of the bigoted inbred aristocratic class that he overthrew and that is plotting with CIA help to overthrow Chavez. As with Cuba under Batista, the aristocrats are their own worst enemy -- a buncha inbred bigots utterly divorced from reality. Fidel Castro was a nasty character and his brother Rajul little better. But the fact that, even as nasty as they are, the average Cuban still has more access to food and health care than under Batista... well. Tells you what happens when an inbred aristocratic class forgets that they exist only for as long as they can keep the peasants from revolting.

    Lessons applicable to United States? Well, starting to look that way...

    - Badtux the Serfin' USA Penguin

  9. It does look like that. Thanks for that Penguin! But can it/will it happen. If it does it may be for the wrong reasons as dumb as so many are.

    1. And I fear that a revolution here in the US would look a lot like the Spanish Revolution back in the 1930's, where you end up with a reactionary military dictator like Franco in charge, given the way that Americans have been conditioned to worship soldiers and the military. The fact that even a Franco-style military dictatorship may be better than the die-off that's going to happen if the current down-spiral continues is... frightening.

    2. I wouldn't argue against this for a second. Not many think along these lines. Just do not see the good coming down the tube. When the shit really starts to come down frightening may need to be replaced with something stronger. I do not think we are wrong.