Lake Chapala looking to the east from just a bit north of Chapala in Jalisco province Mexico.


In The Last Throes Of Preparedness

At least what I think that may be. Leaving here tomorrow morning sometime. Just piddle ass crap left but do want to get the leaves out of the gutters if possible.

Just found out going to ride up to Pueblo in my brother's new used really nice Subaru. Driven it a ways but not far. I like driving a bunch but it's sure nice to get some total window time now and then.

It would be nice to get something decent for lunch. Hard to do sometimes. Anyway gotta go. I'll be bok. Nary a cloud in the sky.


  1. So, you'll be on your way to CR? How Exciting!

    Beautiful header photo!

    1. Have a good time down there O-Fly, hope it an enjoyable and safe trek. Have several friends who are considering something similar, as maybe a I so look forward to your feedback. Keep a detailed journal, please.

      Safe travel,


    2. Thanks Tim and I do plan on hooking up in the spring.

    3. Yup time for some hanging out in the Metro area. Have two simple things that need done is all.

      That was a cloud formation that I had not seen before. Needed to go to a different vantage point.It was cold and the lazy was around.

  2. It's nice here...I have lots of outside stuff to get done before winter.


  3. Soon it will be over. I got most of what needed to be done done. I just put Stabil in the car. It's going to be sitting for four months.