Just Can Not Let The Crazy Slide

It's really hard to have any sense of civility when you have people who say they know for a fact what their god says. This douche bag Mordock says when women become pregnant after being raped, “that’s something God intended.”

The other part of this that I have not seen is that given that position from god who he must be in touch with - then whether the rape results in their miracle of life or not - every rape every where was intended. Then god is responsible for every rape that happens. That's what this piece of human shit is saying and I'm supposed to go along with that if he gets his way. My ass!

Along the same identical thought process from them - the 17 year old just arrested in the Jessica Ridgeway murder dismembered her body because god intended that too?? Or he doesn't go along with cutting bodies up? Maybe sometimes? No matter what he damn sure is aboard for rape that is certain. You fuckers are lost to humanity. You've fallen off your very own flat earth. 

You sick fucks wherever you may be will never get one drop of respect from me never fucking ever because all you deserve is scorn and ridicule. You are so mind screwed there is no getting your reasoning process back. It was stolen from you at a very young age.

Normally there could be a bit of give but you and those like you have become too dangerous. My issue is not so much in what you said but the number of those who take extreme religious positions. They are controlling the debate at national level and it's scary.

I'll take this Mordock over those above any day!


  1. So what's your real opinion on this subject??? hahahaha...

  2. No mercy. This is too important.

    1. I find it very scary whenever I hear of anyone "hearing" god... and think it's extremely presumptuous to "know" what god wants/thinks/etc. As a Buddhist/Taoist (yes, I've been reading about Taoism since my broken hand)you know my opinion on the subject... Hearing voices (schizophrenia) is an illness, cept in politics...

  3. America is crawling with people who claim to be directly hearing the voice of God. And we worry more about salmonella!

  4. LOVE YOUR HEADER!!! AND you post!