Poor Man's Country

On the drive across the San Luis valley and beyond yesterday did not see many supportive signs for Obama. Did see this one however.

Then you have this paid slut for Fox Whore news getting off her bus up the road and some of the first crap outta her mouth was this.

But Crowley started by targeting "left-wing kooks" and ended by saying the existence of the U.S. depended on the ouster of President Barack Obama."We're still a young country," she said. "The American mind is still idealistic, so it's hard to believe, it's hard to hear that the president of the United States wants to destroy us within, but that's what's happening."

On a tour you see-

 The bus tour, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, was billed as an "issue advocacy effort" that didn't "expressly advocate for the success or defeat of any candidate.

Media will eventually be the root cause of this country's failure.


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