A small fish pulled out of the ocean with strong mono filament line tossed out by hand with a bit of weight and what looked like a worm. They told me it's inedible but that Chinese eat a certain part of it.


Lucy Has A Book Out

It sounds like a real good one too. Lucy captured the attention of a lot of people including me. This story turned out good and now is even better. The kiddies are going to love this and some others too.

Lucy the Tortoise -- the reptile that was on the lam in Boulder County back in 2010, ending up at a feed store in Lafayette before reuniting with her owners -- is the inspiration for a new children's book titled "Lucy the Tortoise: My Big Adventure." After she went missing, she sniffed her way back to her Westminster home, where a mover found her before her owners did. He took her to Lafayette and dropped her off in a lake.


  1. You're way outta the cornfield now, Fly!

  2. THAT HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!