Here is the link for the location above. Next spring I'd like to get out to the intersection of one of these. They possibly reach 300' in height and from what I saw not hikeable. Plus you have no clue they are there. I just happened to see them a few days ago looking at something else.


Lucy Has A Book Out

It sounds like a real good one too. Lucy captured the attention of a lot of people including me. This story turned out good and now is even better. The kiddies are going to love this and some others too.

Lucy the Tortoise -- the reptile that was on the lam in Boulder County back in 2010, ending up at a feed store in Lafayette before reuniting with her owners -- is the inspiration for a new children's book titled "Lucy the Tortoise: My Big Adventure." After she went missing, she sniffed her way back to her Westminster home, where a mover found her before her owners did. He took her to Lafayette and dropped her off in a lake.


  1. You're way outta the cornfield now, Fly!

  2. THAT HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!