Lucy Made It Home

A definite feel good and shake my head about things I didn't know about a desert tortoise who wandered away from home.

This tortoise answers to it's name and follows people around.

Of course the good part is that Lucy was found and this animal is like a dog.

And the dogs were happy as can be to have this animal back in the house. I get a kick outta shit like this and this is the type of pet I could use.


  1. When I was a kid I had a tortoise who looked just like that. He sometimes followed me around, but that may have been because I often brought him food.

    Did you know tortoises and turtles have the best color vision in the animal kingdom? The world they see probably makes what we see look like one of those old sepia-tinted photos by comparison.

  2. No I don't remember that. It seems these guys can cover some ground if they want to. Interesting.

  3. Pets seem to make life so much better.