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Benny The Tweeter

This about sums it up.

Benny, who tweets in nine languages, stressed the potential of social media for the church as it struggles to keep followers and attract new ones amid religious apathy, competition from other churches and scandals that have driven the faithful away.

No linky to nonsense and notice how scandals is at the bottom of the list.

Be very careful out there kiddies when you hear from these robed men that have more than one agenda in mind.


  1. The Catholic church needs changes, all right! and being on twitter isn't the answer...

  2. That is for damn sure and a big yuk yuk too.

  3. Benny, who tweets in nine languages

    ROTFLMMFAO! I wonder how many tweet-minions His Highness has, to do his tweeting for him. Do you reckon they're specially ordained priests, or does he leave it for the lowly nuns? They'd have to be multi-lingual, natch!

    Don't get me started! lol

    1. How ever it's done you can damn well bet it ain't normal.

    2. lol That's right on, One Fly!

    3. After lol-ing so much, I remember things and suddenly sober-up. Like we were talking about the other day? Funny and sobering at the same time. It must be time for some Monty Python snippets again.

  4. Love your header!