A small fish pulled out of the ocean with strong mono filament line tossed out by hand with a bit of weight and what looked like a worm. They told me it's inedible but that Chinese eat a certain part of it.


Better Than A # 2

They ran out out of two's and have attached another label befitting of those powerful Taliban heavy hitters. We now blasted into oblivion with drones along with a few others as well  "a senior Taliban figure" ya see.  

While the death of Maulvi Nazir was likely to be seen in Washington as affirmation of the necessity of the controversial U.S. drone program  Bullshit!!



  1. COME ON SUMMER! I'm ready. -3 right now heading to -10


  2. You got it made. It's 10 here but -25 in Alamosa at 9PM.

  3. I liked it better when we always got the Number Three guy. Three is an odd number, and it's a prime.

    This thing has been dangerous, counterproductive, and bloodthirsty nonsense since the Bush days, and it sure hasn't gotten any better.

  4. I had seen another article on this and at times as in that one you see "drones killed suspected" whatever they are.

    Suspected it's what drones are all about.