These Golden Delicious apples may well be some of the best I've ever had. From two very obscure small trees while visiting Casper.

Not a stretch saying this and it's little things like this that make things go round.


Get Your Ammo Fix

It's hard work if you're a gunner. These things don't shoot peas ya know. So many wannabe shooters - too few bullets.

To make sure everyone gets their chance of building their stockpile to protect themselves from all sorts of perceived evils Wallyworld was forced to take the socialist route.

Due to overwhelming demand, Walmart stores across the nation are limiting customers to three boxes of firearm ammunition a day.


  1. "three boxes a day" - ??? I read that too. It's just a joke isn't it?

  2. No yokes when it comes to defending your freedoms TMoon.

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  4. "Guns Don't Kill People ... BULLETS Do!" I'd like to be spread out on that beach (Beautiful Photo, 'Fly) in your header today. Snow/Ice here in mid Tenn.

  5. Oh dear, this is dreadful. Should I get on the waiting list at Walmart even though I have no guns and in fact despise them?


  6. I do wish sometimes, though, that I had a grenade launcher or some such item. Something to take out a predator drone, for example.

    (And anyway, just what IS a well regulated militia? Do our president and cohorts really mean to pit our military against us? Must we really have yet another civil war? And what about the oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Is the Constitution really just a goddamn piece of paper?)

  7. Under the header picture when it's a different color it's a link. There was no one there but it is a interesting place and can be dangerous the way it sounds.

    How can you win when the one side is ready to shoot at any time. I have guns and sure as hell not worried about the things they are.

    Shooting guns is expensive and must to some be like the booze. Get them together and it becomes very special ya see.

  8. A gun shop here limits purchases to one box per caliber per day and, for reloaders, one canister of powder and 300 primers per day. As a result, they have stuff nobody else has (try finding small pistol primers anywhere).

    It is fucking insane. Nobody has proposed Federal ammo restrictions. But that doesn't stop the fools from vacuuming the shelves.


  10. Right hand on the Bible. Swearing in. The Constitution.

    Apparently, it's all bullshit. The Constitution really IS a big, huge bunch of BULLSHIT.