A small fish pulled out of the ocean with strong mono filament line tossed out by hand with a bit of weight and what looked like a worm. They told me it's inedible but that Chinese eat a certain part of it.


Many Think This Country Is Moving Forward

Not when you see this!
Got the picture at Woody's place.


  1. I fear we are moving into an unrecognizable place...


  2. Well, these would have been used to pacify Haymarket Square or during the Palmer Raids and by Joe McCarthy had they existed back then.

  3. I saw this and was a taken aback I really was. And Gene you bring up a real good point and lets add Ludlow as well just down the road.

    They are supposedly flying these things in and around Pinion Canyon. I fully expect to see one soon.

  4. You guys know this came from an Onion article, right? Not that I would be surprised to see it really happen, though.

  5. No I did not and actually believe this is where we are at. I do not watch and my out is Woody knows everything. They are coming more and more and that IS a fact. Appreciate you breaking the real news ever so gently.

  6. The Onion is running neck-in-neck with reality. lol

    Crap! Why is that funny and sobering at the same time?

  7. Maybe because it reflects how deep the pile of shit is that we're standing in. Our society is truly fucked up in a lot of ways.

  8. If it were only a pile of shit, I might not be so angry. Don't get me started, One Fly.