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Plus He Was A Monsignor

Higher up in the order of priesthood it makes no difference when it comes to the meth.

A former Connecticut priest who was charged in a federal crystal meth case sold the drug out of his Waterbury apartment, as well as the parking lot of an adult specialty store

This man was "granted a sabbatical" as he got hooked while being a priest. At least he only harmed himself but seriously too - where was his god when he needed him more than ever?


  1. Makes a person shake their head in wonder...

  2. We're all human beings who have faults and fail at things. He was not being punished for what ever reason/reasons by the person he prays/prayed to. The fear factor Catholic's use against their children is a crime.

  3. It needs to be said here too that most catholic boys are pressured bu nuns,priests and parents to enter the priesthood. No BS.

  4. Hey, if he was doing meth - that means that maybe those fresh faced choir boys were getting a break...


  5. Was thinking along those very same lines.

  6. Even the elite shall fall...........