Simple Bastard Says He Enjoyed Being Taken Hostage

It's true it seems.

"I feel sorry for anybody who has been hurt, but other than that, I quite enjoyed it," the man said.

Somebody please kick this guys ass - - please!


  1. I notice they gave names or descriptions of the others who commented, but not THIS dunderhead. I can't imagine anyone (and I've been there) experiencing a firefight and the accompanying death of people "enjoying" it. Perhaps the guy should have stayed for more "fun" ... perhaps the writers of the story are taking license to spice up the story. Either way ... WTF? SOMEbody needs an ass kickin'!

  2. I read nothing in depth bj and said I wasn't gonna do this shit but saw this out the corner of my eye.

    Maybe someone should play "pretend" and knee cap this dumb ass and then ask him what he thinks.

    They'll probably put him om the tb ya know.

  3. You were tempted and you failed... You weren't gonna do this!!! I understand he's a dumb ass...but there's so many jerks/dumb asses out there...the news is full of them. hahaha...honestly I was expecting a comment about Te'o. You've been quiet a couple of days and I thought that would pull you out... har har har

  4. I'm kinda there TMoon. Who be Te'o. Never heard of him.

  5. That's a great question reporter should ask but they won't.

  6. He is one sick person!