A small fish pulled out of the ocean with strong mono filament line tossed out by hand with a bit of weight and what looked like a worm. They told me it's inedible but that Chinese eat a certain part of it.


Talk About Scary (Not Me)

I read this account of what happened to these travelers very recently from Wyoming while in Peru and the bad did not stop for a long time. This is totally bizarre.  LINK


  1. DAY-UM!! Well ... so much for my drive to Machu Picchu! This could have happened pretty much anywhere in East Tennessee, as well. Communicating with the "natives" there would be an obstacle too ....

  2. A huge no shit on Machu Picchu. I take your word on the rest. I assume you are a native of Tennessee.

  3. Wow.How Strange & worrying.Peru is not a place I think of as being dangerous.I hope they get out in one piece.