Tancredo Abuses Himself In Public

It's asshole's like this guy who need to for once in their life get loaded. Lying as usual -

Citing the negative example it will set on his grandchildren, former Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo has backed out of his bet to smoke marijuana.


  1. WoW...what a header!!! Hope you were all over that taking pics!!!

    1. It was dark down in here TMoon. Pictures we're all that good. The video of the waterfall which is behind this picture was the best.

  2. "Mr. Tancredo, were you born a creep, or did you have to learn to be one?"

  3. Like most Republicans, amirite? Fire first ... aim later. He should have thought about the consequences BEFORE he shot his big mouth off. Somebody needs to ambush THAT welcher with a special brownie or two. T'would give him a whole new outlook on life.

  4. GREAT header photo,btw! Simply Lovely ....

  5. thanks bj - like I said to TMoon - it was pretty dark and this was the best one out of the bunch from there that turned out pretty good.

    I'm not in favor of doing that but in special cases slipping people like this man something that wouldn't hurt him I may be persuaded.