Lake Chapala looking to the east from just a bit north of Chapala in Jalisco province Mexico.


The Armstrong

Another extremely disappointing Texan who makes the minority of all the good ones look bad. Why would anyone care what this person has to say?


  1. It's all really sad...there are no heroes. Not of the athletic kind, really.


    1. The fact he lied for years and years and now is allowed to continue to run his mouth on national TB is sooo wrong.

  2. The cult of celebrity trumps integrity once again. Love the spiel, by Oprah et al, that he is being 'brave' to confess. Bollocks.

  3. Lance Pharmstrong? Another in a long line of doped up cheaters... along with Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McQuire, etc.

    Love the photo of the iguana critter! I would crap myself if I saw something like that come out of the weeds!

  4. I don't think I care what athletes do, but it's sad they can't just have confidence in their own abilities. I doubt there's an adult over 45 who doesn't take at least 2 prescription drugs, thank you Big Pharma. It's indicative of our culture that everyone thinks drugs will make it better.