What Killing Two With A Cell Phone Gets You These Days

This is an update to a post on 6/29/13 that now has a resolution. This person was reaching for her cell phone.

The driver of an SUV that was involved in a head-on collision in Louisville that killed a father and his daughter and seriously injured another child was sentenced to one year in jail after accepting a plea deal Friday.

Not sure what's right but this seems a bit light. I just try to be so careful and not do certain things at certain times while driving that hopefully this never happens. People and their damn phones! It gets to be old shit seeing sooo many people with their faces in their phones like most of the time.


  1. Walked into a Chipotle the other day. While waiting in line, I observed all the folks already eating their burritos/whatever...anyway, saw families with their children eating silently as the parents either were talking on the phone or texting. Friends at tables, each with a phone to their ear or again, texting. People in line were texting... Made me sad

  2. Fly.
    Tis the Sergeant,
    While up in Indianapolis I was behind a car in the left turn lane through three light changes - pounding on the horn! She was on her cell phone. Finally, a Marion Co.
    Sheriff car showed up because she was backing up traffic onto the ramp off I-465.
    Upside, marijuana and cocaine in the trunk.

    I never texted until when Dad was in the hospital - It is easier. But, not while driving...


  3. I believe it and yes to NOT doing this shit while driving. I don't want to hurt myself and especially other. What the hell!

    As part of the badges response to fighting against Amendment 64 (da pot) was a sudden increase in DUID's.

  4. Twice I've had a driver back up suddenly while talking on the cell phone and almost back into my car in a parking lot. Talking on the phone can wait. It used to when you had to go home to talk!