Here is the link for the location above. Next spring I'd like to get out to the intersection of one of these. They possibly reach 300' in height and from what I saw not hikeable. Plus you have no clue they are there. I just happened to see them a few days ago looking at something else.


X Games Safety?

You're kidding right. Our society loves nothing better than watching endless video's of people being hurt or hurting themselves on purpose.

This fetish demonstrates a culture that has issues. Came up "short on the second of the course's four massive jumps". Tough shit. This is front page billing as well and is just not news.

A society that embraces violence on many levels but you cross a line when you blow away let's say more than a few with a gun. The outrage over mass killings is nationwide. Single doubles and triples not so much.  
No linky.

"Feel the fear but do it anyway." Later that night, the 19-year-old New Zealand skier was rushed to a Denver hospital with a fractured back she suffered during practice after coming up short on the second of the course's four massive jumps. That same night, 25-year-old snowmobiler Caleb Moore's condition worsened as a cardiac injury he suffered in a crash Thursday night during the X Games freestyle competition led to a brain complication.


  1. Got to my stupid younger days I did some crazy stuff. Hahaha!

  2. We all probably did but there is a difference.